Ex-Donar coach Ivica Skelin: “I would like to work abroad”

Mijn laatste interview met ex-Donar coach Ivica Skelin was van 8 augustus 2017, dus werd het tijd om contact te zoeken en hem een aantal vragen te stellen. Zijn antwoorden staan hieronder.

Vraag: how are you now and do you enjoy the time in Croatia?
Antwoord: for the moment I’m in Split, Croatia and enjoying my vacation. This is the first summer since 2015 that I have a break. Last two summers I have been with NT on Olympics and European Championship.

Vraag: in september 2017 you became head coach of the national team of Croatia and that period ended in March 2018. How do you look back at that period?
Antwoord: last season I was very busy and I have been coaching parallel NT and Split. It was not easy with NT because our best players could not participate and we had some important players injured. Results were not as we used to have and in that situation coach has his responsability.

Vraag: after Donar you became head coach of KK Split for 3 seasons. Your team had not the biggest budget, but satisfied with the results and the performances of the team?
Antwoord: a few months before I became coach of Split, team had avoided relegation to second division. First season we have finished sixth and next two seasons we lost in semi final against Cedevita. We made huge progress and I have to say thanks to the organization and players for the wonderful three seasons.

Vraag: what was your personal highlight with KK Split over the 3 seasons?
Antwoord: the fact that we succeeded to win Cedevita,Cibona and Zadar is something that makes me proud.

Vraag: so far I know you don’t have a coach job for the coming season. What are your plans and do you prefer coach job in Croatia or other country?
Antwoord: I would like to work abroad.

Vraag: do you still follow Donar and was it a surprise for you that Donar played in the semi-final of the FIBA Europe Cup?
Antwoord: I did not have time to watch Donar last season but I have been following their results. Compliments for the players, coaches, staff …I think that they made more than anybody expected. They have played against great teams and they proved their quality.

Vraag: do you want to say something to the fans of Donar?
Antwoord:I wish them a great season, lot of success and trophies.

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