Interview met Jordan Callahan, de nieuwe point guard van Donar

Onlangs tekende Jordan Callahan een contract bij Donar. Ik heb de nieuwe point guard een aantal vragen gesteld en de antwoorden staan hieronder.

can you describe in short something about your life (birthday, hometown, family etc)?
Antwoord: I was born 10-21-1990 in Atlanta, Georgia. I am the only child. My parents are Gregory&Vickie Callahan.

Vraag: you played college for Tulane, how do you look back at these years?
Antwoord: every year I look back I’m surprised at how long it’s been. Those were some fun days, college taught me a lot about responsibility and setting priorities in order to succeed.

Vraag: the first year outside USA is mostly a hard time for a basketballplayer. Your first year in Europe was in Poland, how was that period?
Antwoord: I still remember my first year overseas. More so than my others. Coming from Atlanta I had rarely seen snow. That year in Poland they had record low temperatures and snow banks taller than me. It was an adjustment to say the least, I knew none of the language and not many people spoke English. Luckily, most people were friendly.

Vraag: was it difficult to learn the European style of basketball and what was the difference between playing in Poland, Belgium, Germany, Russia and Bulgaria?
Antwoord: not really. For my position if you can shoot and play the pick&roll then the transition isn’t that difficult. The difference is mostly the skill level but each league has its own style of play. Germany/ Russia are a little more physical and the refs let you play. Where some leagues like Poland are more guard friendly so the games are faster paced.

Vraag: how came you in contact with Donar? Did you had more offers from other clubs and if “yes” why Donar?
Antwoord: Donar came in contact with me. And yes I had more offers but Donar really stuck out because of it previous success in Holland as well as their success in Champions League last year. Coach Braal also has had success in developing Point guards.

Vraag: before the step to play in The Netherlands, did you know something about our country?
Antwoord: unfortunately not. Hopefully during my stay here I will be able to learn more about the culture.

Vraag: what will be your role in the team of Donar?
Antwoord: point guard/ playmaker.

Vraag: what are your expectations for these season?
Antwoord: to qualify fo Champions league and take it as far as possible.

Vraag: Donar will play in the qualifications rounds of the Basketball Champions League (and FIBA Europe Cup if they have no success in the BCL ). Looking forward to that European competitions?
Antwoord: of course I look forward to getting back to European competition. I have played in both leagues (Basketball Champions League/ Fiba Europe cup) so I’m anxious to get back and make a splash.

Vraag: do you want to say something to the fans?
Antwoord: thank you for the support already. I haven’t even stepped foot in Holland and I can already feel the love!! I can’t wait to meet the fans face-to-face.

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