More than a game: The legacy of Jimmy Moore

De Amerikaan Jimmy Moore speelde in de seizoenen 1981-1982 en 1982-1983 voor Donar met als hoogtepunt het eerste kampioenschap van Donar in 1982 onder leiding van coach Maarten van Gent.

In The Utah Statesman een prachtig verhaal over Jimmy Moore.

Jimmy Moore and his wife, Debra, attend every game. They sit in Section E of the Dee Glen Smith Spectrum, next to the student section.

He’s not one to yell at the referees or the opposing team, instead providing commentary and critiques on his favorite player on the team this year, the senior with the afro and the crisp “14” on his jersey.

But Jimmy Moore’s passion comes from a deeper place — the sport has made an indelible mark on his life. Basketball provided Jimmy Moore an opportunity for his education, his career and best of all, he says, his family.

He was long and tall — measuring in at 6-foot-7 while in college — with a 45-inch vertical that earned him the nickname “Jumpin” Jimmy Moore during his days in Aggie blue.

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