Vraag en antwoord met Grant Sitton, de nieuwe Amerikaan van Donar

Gisteren contracteerde Donar de Amerikaanse forward Grant Sitton. Ik heb hem een aantal vragen gesteld en hieronder staan zijn antwoorden.

Vraag: can you describe in short something about your life (birthday, hometown, family etc)?
Antwoord: I’m from Brush Prairie WA.

Vraag: you played college for Clackamas CC and University of Victoria, how do you look back at these years?
Antwoord: I have a lot of good memories and even better friendships from my college days.

Vraag: the first year outside USA is mostly a hard time for a basketballplayer. Your first year in Europe was in Slovakia, how was that period?
Antwoord: it was hard being away from home but I had a lot of love and support from my family, teammates, and my coach to help me.

Vraag: was it difficult to learn the European style of basketball and what was the difference between playing in Canada and Slovakia?
Antwoord: Canada plays more of the European style of game than the U.S does. FIBA 3 point line and bigger key. But it is a faster past game in Europe.

Vraag: how came you in contact with Donar and why choice for Donar?
Antwoord: the team contacted me and I like the direction the team is going. It is a well known team for its success and I’m happy to be a part of it.

Vraag: before the step to play in The Netherlands, did you know something about our country?
Antwoord: I didn’t know anything about the country but everyone I have talked to about says it’s a beautiful place and I will love it.

Vraag: what will be your role in the team of Donar?
Antwoord: my role will be whatever the team needs my role to be. I have played many roles on basketball teams over the years and I’m comfortable in many spots. I’m willing to do whatever takes to help a team be successful.

Vraag: what are your expectations for these season?
Antwoord: coming in to a new team it’s hard to put any expectations, but I just take it one game at a time and try not to get ahead of myself.

Vraag: Donar will play in the qualifications rounds of the Basketball Champions League (and FIBA Europe Cup if they have no success in the BCL ). Looking forward to that European competitions?
Antwoord: yes I can’t wait I love competition. I want to compete to the best of my ability at a high level and now that I have the opportunity to do so I’m really excited.

Vraag: do you want to say something to the fans?
Antwoord: cant wait to meet you all and experience Donar basketball first hand!

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