Vraag en antwoord met Matt Bauscher (ex-speler van Aris Leeuwarden, Donar en EiffelTowers)

Matt Bauscher speelde in Nederland voor Aris Leeuwarden (2008-2009), Donar (2009-2010 en 2010-2011) en EiffelTowers (2012-2013) en ik heb hem een aantal vragen gesteld. Hieronder staan zijn antwoorden.

Vraag: How is your life now (family, job etc)?
Antwoord: Life is going very well. I’m 33 years old now, Lindsay and I celebrated this summer our 5th year anniversary. Our daughter Nyia Grace Bauscher is our world- she’s 3.5 years old now. We are expecting our second child January of 2019!

Vraag: You played for Boise State, how do you look back at that period?
Antwoord: Loved every moment of Boise State. I was tested mentally and physically in a way I didn’t think was possible. It was a battle each day, to get better and try to improve with a demanding school schedule. I arrived as the worst player on the team and left a team captain, won the teams most inspirational player award 3 years in a row and a conference championship.

Vraag: Your first club after college was Aris Leeuwarden, after that you played two seasons for Donar and the last club in The Netherlands was EiffelTowers. What are your memories about that period?
Antwoord: The Netherlands will always hold a special place in my heart- I lived there for 4 of my 6 years overseas there. Leeuwarden was special because it was my first time playing in Europe, living in Europe. That first morning I woke up in Leeuwarden I felt like I was so far from Boise. I had a feeling this was going to be a long long year…which it turned out to be an amazing experience.They were so generous to me- treating me like family. The league that 2008-2009 year was the best by far of any years in Holland I experienced. Groningen was like a dream- our team was like family. We were the hardest working team in Holland, the most talented and loved each other as brothers. We embraced the Donar Community and I enjoyed experiencing the city, the fans, the club. To win the championship, cup- play in Euroleague was so unique and a wonderful opportunity. It was disappointing they couldn’t keep our team together after that 2011 year. Coach Marco was great to play for- we had the work ethic that was perfect for his hard nosed style. Den Bosch- Coach Korner, Coach Sam Jones- talk about two of the greatest, classiest coaches you could ask for. I bonded with the coaches, players and fans very well down south. It was fun to win the Dutch Cup and live in a different part of the country.

Vraag: What was personally your hightlight in these years?
Antwoord: It was the traveling- exploring all of the The Netherlands and 14 other countries. Being from Boise I had never been to Europe- I was fascinated with how beautiful everything was. I will always have wonderful memories of the 6 years playing basketball- BBL in Germany, leading the league in scoring, MVPs but winning the championships and celebrating with the fans was the ultimate highlight.

Vraag: Do you still have contact with some former players in The Netherlands?
Antwoord: I still keep in contact with some of them- not as much as I would like. Everyone seems to be doing great in the next chapter with a few of the guys still playing.

Vraag: Is there basketball in your life after you retired (recreation, watching games etc)?
Antwoord: I still watch basketball and play every once in awhile. I won a basketball tournament lately with Jason Ellis- that was a lot of fun. I am thrilled to be able to coach my children one day and teach them all the lessons about basketball that I have learned.

Vraag: Do you want to say something to the fans of Leeuwarden, Donar and Den Bosch?
Antwoord: I really miss you guys. Please stay in touch! Lindsay and I are going to come visit Holland in a few years with our kids and show them where we lived and our favorite Holland spots!

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